Window Tinting for Vehicles & Buildings

Australia has the world's highest rate of Skin Cancer, with Melanoma being the third most fatal "common" cancer. The primary cause of Skin Cancer is exposure to UV (UltraViolet) Radiation. UV rays also damage the interior of your vehicle. At Allen's Signs and Window Tinting, we use 3M Scotch Tint - which effectively blocks 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

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3M Window Tint
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With all the talk at the moment about energy efficiency, it's surprising how many people haven't considered simple, and relatively cheap window tinting in their plans to become more energy efficient. Window tinting in your vehicles, your home, and your business reduces the amount of energy required to heat and cool and therefore saves you money as well!

Window tinting is an integral part of any plan to use energy more efficiently. If you haven't already considered it, it's about time you did. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you live healthier, be more energy-efficient, and start saving money today.

Vehicle Tinting

Many of us spend more time in our vehicles than we realise - especially those who drive for a living. Window tinting for your vehicle not only improves its appearance, it will protect your vehicle's interior and also your skin while you're driving. It also reduces the cost of heating and cooling, and increases your privacy. Contact Allen's Signs and Window Tinting for a quote on your window tinting requirements.

Building Tinting

Tinting for the windows of your home or business is perhaps even more important than tinting for your vehicles - but it's surprising how many people have never even considered it. Just like tinting for your vehicle, tinting the windows of your home or business reduces the cost of heating and cooling, protects your furniture and occupants from the sun's UV rays, and looks fantastic! Call us to find out more.

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