Bug & Stone Deflectors - NO HOLES DRILLED!

Our Bug & Stone Deflectors have been designed with unique acrylic brackets which replace the more traditional metal brackets which are unsightly, and require holes to be drilled in the bonnet of your vehicle and in the bug deflector itself in order to be attached.

No Holes Drilled - How?

3M VHB Tape
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Our acrylic brackets are fitted with a Very High Bond double-sided tape which allows them to be attached to your vehicle and to the deflector. The 3M VHB Tape is specially formulated so that it can bond with the acrylic of the brackets and the paint of your vehicle. This means NO HOLES ARE DRILLED in the bonnet of your vehicle or in the Bug & Stone Deflector itself. Once the brackets have been positioned properly on the bonnet, the deflector is then attached to the brackets. The tape bonds strongly immediately, before reaching maximum adhesion within a few hours.

Does It Work? You Bet It Does!

Take a look at the photographs below (click to enlarge). We''ve blown up 2 sections of it to illustrate the amazing effectiveness of the Allen''s Bug & Stone Deflector. You can see that the front grill and the Bug Deflector are covered with literally THOUSANDS of bug strikes (even the side mirrors have been struck) - while the windscreen of the vehicle has only 38 bug strikes on it. If that''s not proof enough, then NOTHING will convince you!


Some Highlights

  • Our Bug & Stone Deflectors come in a dark smoke colour which is UV stable (making the deflector last longer) and looks great with all vehicle colours.
  • Our Bug & Stone Deflectors look great on your vehicle and are very practical because they provide protection from bugs and stones.
  • Our Bug & Stone Deflectors are extremely versatile and can be mounted on almost any vehicle.
  • You can install them yourself with our easy to understand instructions for positioning the deflectors, or they can be fitted in our workshop.
  • Choose from our standard stickers, or let our experienced design team design a custom sticker especially for you.
  • Our Bug & Stone Deflectors can be easily removed with our custom designed removal tool and instructions.

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